May 7, 2021

DevJi Maharaj Mandir

About DevJi Maharaj Mandir

It is situated in Malajpur, near Betul in Madhya Pradesh and is 300 kms from the city of Bhopal. This temple is famous for its ghost fair ( bhoot mela) that is held every year. It’s a mela with a spirited presence.
People wait here for hours in queues to get rid of evil spirits and all their black magic problems.

Bhoot Mela At DevJi Maharaj Mandir

This temple is known for the ghost fair ( bhoot mela ) that is held every year on the first full moon night of makar sakaranti whose aim is to appease ghosts . This mela lasts a month. This mela is held for warding off evil spirits and black magic. People flock here in thousands every year to cure their loved ones. The weird aspect is that the mela is held in the temple grounds.

The whole tradition of expulsion the ghosts / black magic begins after the aarti at night. During the whole process holy water is sprinkled on everyone. Those who are normal do not react to it but the persons who are possessed they are led to insanity. The possessed fall on the ground and break down all unwillingly. At that moment their family members light camphor on their palms. In some cases after this the people possessed with evil spirits are hit with brooms. They are hit mercilessly and dragged around the temple grounds by their hair and by using all sorts of violence in order to completely throw the spirit out of the body.

Everyone has to do Parikrama. Those who are normal walk anti-clockwise. Those who are possessed with evil spirits / black magic walk clockwise and chant “ Devji Maharaj Ki Jai “. Some people go without any problems just to witness this one of a kind Mela and interestingly take part in all the expulsion activities. Some have even claimed they recovered from illness or found themselves again and their life got prosperous just by witnessing the Mela.

How To Reach DevJi Maharaj Temple

Via Train:-

There is no railroad station close to Malajpur in under 10 km. How ever Itarsi Jn Rail Way Station is significant railroad station 74 KM close to Malajpur

Close by Railway Stations:-

Maramjhiri – 25 KM

Betul – 30 KM

Dharakhoh – 32 KM

Malajpur Road – 36 KM